Pure Fitness in Scott’s Addition, Richmond, VA
Opening 2021

60-min workout




Expert Coaching

)We are a group fitness gym that combines strength, conditioning, and mobility with expert coaching. Built on a foundation of form and technique, we create intense hour-long workouts that bring out the best in you. Join our growing fitness and wellness community in Richmond, VA (Scott’s Addition).

Our Program

Everyday has a new customized hour-long workout that includes dynamic stretching and mobility exercises, active warmup bodyweight and light weight movements, strength workout, HIIT and cool down.

A complete workout in under 60 minutes with expert coaching to focus on form and movement to help keep you healthy and get results. Workouts will use a variety of movements that include bodyweight, barbell, and kettlebell exercises.

Join us in the morning before work, in the afternoon during lunch, or in the evening after work.

New Year, New Gym, New You

Join Pure Fitness’s (previously Pure PHIT) next chapter in our new Scott’s Addition location opening in 2021. Our new location is at the corner of Altamont Avenue and Moore Street in almost 4,000 sq ft of space.

New gym Opening 2021

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA (Scott’s Addition)

2921 W Moore St
Richmond, VA 23230